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Feel Happier, Hotter and Healthier with my 10 Day Detox Plan!

£49.99 (This includes a full treatment and 4 week diet plan)

I can offer online consultations for those clients who don't live near me or don't have transport. Simply send me an email and I will reply with a toxicity questionnaire for you to complete. Due to my experience I do not need to use the intolerance machine to test for problem foods and use learned diagnostic techniques to assess the toxicity levels and food intolerances.

  • Extensive treatment plan with explanations
  • Personalised diet and proposed food intolerance plan (eliminate for a period of time to test and then re-introduce)
  • 4 week personalised menu/recipe plan
  • Healthy Kitchen Essentials Guide
  • Ongoing support via email, phone or online
In only 10 days you can simply reset your body and change your taste buds so that you are not craving sugar or carbohydrates anymore. This NO Frills, NO Excuses, SIMPLE DETOX program is designed to be used by YOU at any time to help rid our bodies of unwanted toxins that are making us feeling sluggish, sick or gain weight. 

The 10 Day Detox Plan includes:

  • Introduction on why we need to detox
  • 10 simple rules (do's and dont's)
  • 10 day recipe plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
  • Kitchen Pantry Guide
  • Shopping List
  • Toxicity Test
  • Deeper Detox Methods
  • Online Support Group (24/7 support & guidance)
"I have seen a permanent transformation in my body shape and my relationship with food.  I hate diets and having to deprive myself but with the 10 day detox I am eating so much more" Caroline, 38 (Full time working mother of 3)
" I lost 6lbs doing the 10 day detox and still follow it 80% as I have found the facebook group an invaluable source of support and encouragement and a great way of sharing ideas" Lorraine, 38 (Full time working mother of 2)

So what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW and.... 

Reduce Belly Fat & Cravings/ More Energy/ Lose Weight/ Less Stress/ Balanced Hormones/ Better Health (reduce symptoms eg headaches, joint pain, insomnia etc)


Select Your Plan

"I lost 7lbs following the 5 Day LBD Detox plan and it was easier to follow than most because I had my weekends free' Fiona Jones, Liverpool (35)

Have you a birthday, wedding or night out planned where you want to look hot in that dress?

Maybe you want your body bikini ready for the summer?

Well I have the answer....designed for the girl with that busy lifestyle balancing kids, work and home....the 5 Day 'Little Black Dress' DETOX.  It is not hard or difficult to follow with strange ingredients.  

Simple nutritious food that is designed to ...

1. Help you Lose Weight
2. Naturally keep your Energy levels high
3. Kill 'bad food' Cravings
4. Increase Mood
5. Balance Hormones

The package includes:

5 Day Recipe Plan
Shopping List
Kitchen Essentials Guide
Further Detox Suggestions
Lifetime Online Membership

Special Introductory offer for the month of May is £29.99! (Original Price £39.99)
25% OFF

Select Your Plan

Initial One to One Consultation: £80 (approx 90 mins)

  • Nutritional Consultation and Toxicity Test
  • Food Intolerance Test (90+ foods)
  • Vitamin & Mineral Test (Includes Thyroid & Yeast)
  • 4 week recipe plan
  • Healthy Kitchen Essentials Guide
  • 4 week's 24hrs support via email or phone post consultation.

Child Consultation: £40 (>9yrs) £50 (9-15yrs) (approx 45-60mins)

  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Food Intolerance Test of 20-80 food and 10-20 vitamin & minerals
  • 4 week treatment and diet plan
  • Kitchen essential shopping guide

Follow Up Consultations: £40

Most people require one or more further consultations during which I will look at how you are responding to the plan.  This appointment involves re-testing foods to asses which ones, if any we can re-introduce again.  I some cases the healing process may be slower so a few more techniques may need to be introduced as further treatment.  This appointment will last approx 30-60 mins depending on the requirements.   I can be flexible and offer a one to one or telephone follow up depending on your requirements.

Corporate Packages

I can cater the package to suit all needs depending on objective and requirements.

A) Group presentation on healthy eating or another topic of choice (glass of kombucha with diet plans, recipes & samples)

B) Group presentation with demonstration or workshops (Smoothie Making, Healthy Sweet Treats with samples)

C) Mini Food Intolerance Tests (20 mins per person)  and a group presentation -

NB: Prices available on Request.

"Leigh visited our company over a period of 2 days and provided an wellbeing assessment on each member of staff.  This took into consideration nutritional information based on food tolerances and underlying medical issues.  All staff were excited and motivated based on the information provided and 5 weeks on we have great results.  Higher energy, weight loss, and no mid afternoon slump which is great for the individual and the company.  Everyone is very motivated and exchange recipes and food ideas.  It has been the talking point in our kitchen for the last 4 weeks.  Love the coconut oil and almond butter!!"

(Michael Forsyth, Olympic Lifts, Lisburn)

“Leigh was a massive hit at the recent Power NI staff Briefings.  Staff loved the one to one nutrition advice ‘hub’ slots she did and her actual presentation at the Briefs was so useful and delivered in a down to earth, fun way.  Power NI takes looking after our staff very seriously and Leigh has helped us in a big way in doing this.  What staff particularly liked about her advice was that it was very practical with plans and ingredients suggested that are easily available at supermarkets and importantly, affordable.

If your company is looking to help staff with their overall health and well being, I would go no further that to invite Leigh along to your company – her advice and knowledge is ‘powerful’!”

Kerstie Forsyth, Head of Home Marketing & Communications at Power NI (and convert to Leigh’s thinking!)

Other services 

Group/ Family bookings / home parties with mini consultations also available, just send me a request with your requirements and I will tailor a program to suit your needs.  Most couples and family find it benefical to be tested together to share in the preparation and program.

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