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If you're like me and are planning a wedding then read my top ten tips to get your body prepared for the big day.

1.  To get into that beautiful dress eat slowly, as when you eat fast air gets trapped in your intestines and causes bloating 

2. Snack on eggs, unless you have a food intolerance to them.  They are high in protein which is a natural appetite suppressant.

3.  Eat grapefruit every morning as it lowers levels of insulin and makes u feel less hungry.

4. Include chillies in your meals to boost your metabolism, eg stir fries, soups etc.

Depression, anxiety, low moods, b vitamins, exercise, fish oils, fatty acids, mental health in Northern Ireland

Those suffering from mental health problems including anxiety, stress and depression are at their highest in Northern Ireland than anywhere else in the UK or Ireland. Whether it's related to the economy and bad debt, family feuds, bad nutrition or poor lifestyle choices it is a problem that will not go away unless we address it.

Lactose intolerance in children/ babies/ disruptive children,  babies not sleeping, babies with wind, babies vomiting, dairy and asthma

I know more than anyone the symptoms of a lactose intolerant baby as I had one whenever I was Lactose Intolerant and it can be quite stressful especially if your doctor doesn't seem to offer any help. About 15% of adults are lactose intolerant so it’s to be expected that children and babies will have this condition.

B vitamin complex, de-stress, energy, help depression, reduce PMS, prevents heart defects, relieves anxiety, food state vitamins, , Reduce heart disease,

B vitamins are what’s known as the HAPPY vitamins.  They convert food into energy, reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce PMS, reduce anemia, minimize or eliminate depression, prevent birth defects and relieve anxiety.  Whether you are stressed out at work, have low energy, want to lose weight and keep those sugar cravings at bay or having a baby, up your B vitamin food intake.  Please note that excessive heating up the food destroys the vitamin so dont over cook, plus if you take any sugar, alcohol, caffeine or suffer stress then these deplete B vitamins.

Increasing fertility, help getting pregnant naturally, fertility foods

The most common cause for not getting pregnant or unfertility is left unexplained meaning that doctors cannot find out the root cause.  Due to this more and more people are opting for the natural route and looking at lifestyle, diet and emotional elements, treating the person as a whole.  Research shows that people with a previous history of infertility who made a change to their diet and lifestyle had an 80% success rate compared with the 20% success rate with IVF.