My Nutritional Pal


A regular cleanse and detox can help you lose those stubborn extra pounds that don’t seem to shift.  I recommend that we cleanse our bodies 4 times a year in accordance with the start of the season to prepare your body and clear it of toxins.

Two reasons why cleansing helps you to lose weight:

1) It provides your body with the digestive downtime and anti-oxidant nutrients it needs to release fat-stored toxins,
so your body feels “safe” while cleansing and burning fat.

Enemas, Candida, Depression, Constipation, Headaches, Backpain, Energy, Insomnia

What one thing can give you all of the above and more?  I am sure most of you have heard of home enemas and if you haven’t and want to get super healthy then read on.  Basically, an enema is an internal bath for your colon that flushes out all that nasty waste leaving you feeling lighter and healthier immediately! 

Why do an enema?

I often get asked what is a good daily vitamin as there are so many available and it can get quite confusing.  It goes without saying that the first stop shop for health and beauty is through the intake of a balanced diet, however unless we eat a completely raw food diet this is not always possible.  Many nutrients in vegetables can be lost through the cooking process, especially if we boil our food so I would always advise steaming or roasting.  

Are all vitamins effective?

Well I am here to tell you that you can!  Get to bed early tonight, especially if, like me, you have young children and know you will be up a few times during the night.  When we are tired we put extra stress on our bodies through raising cortisol levels, which, as we know, makes your body clings to fat around the middle.  We also eat more when sleep deprived, as there is a hormone called leptin that is responsible for telling your brain when your stomach is full and lack of sleep disrupts this hormone.  Now I am the biggest culprit her as I have three children under 5 and including a baby

I'm not sure I have met anyone who has not experienced the feeling of stress at some point in their lives.  These are trying times with money worries topping the bill at the minute and as much as we adore our family, partner, children and work they can cause us major stress.  Unfortunately when we experience stress our bodies react with a increased production/ release of the stress hormone cortisol causing our bodies to dump fatty deposits all over our tummy.