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Chances are we have tried our best to lose weight in January but have given up by now because we are not seeing results.  The missing link could be not eating enough fats!  We are constantly told to stay away from too much fat in our foods but now we are hearing that low fat foods are pumped full of sugar so we can't win.  I had a client this week who was really opposed to any type of fat and this got me thinking about expressing how some fat is really good for us and will actually help us to lose weight. Yes I said lose weight!

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So I am 5 weeks into my personalised weight loss plan and although I weigh myself every day, if those scales do not show me dramatic results I am left very disheartened.  Sound familiar?  Well I am here to tell you not to trust the scales.  I have lost only 3 pounds in weight but 7.5 inches in total from my body and I can feel the tone and see the change of body shape.

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28 days ago I embarked upon a journey to get my body in good shape and toned for my wedding in May.  I had my third child in December 2012 and have spent the last year losing all of my baby weight and then some so now it gets serious.  I am a holistic nutritionist and know what foods to eat but that does not make it any easier as life and family just get in the way sometimes.  I don't believe in diets as I think they are short term and we eventually give up and put all of the weight back on again.

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Arthritis basically means an inflammation of the joints in varying types such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, spondylitis and gout. The most common being rheumatoid arthritis which is an autoimmune condition (where the immune system attacks the body), leading to an inflammation of the joints. See below the 4 dietary factors that can make a difference:

1. Hydration - I know this sounds basic but the joints needs plenty of water to stay hydrated. You need to drink at lest 2.5 litres a day and please be aware that tea, coffee, smoking and alcohol all dehydrate the body.

foods to eat to increase your metabolism, lose weight, stay healthy at christmas

As it's 9 more sleeps until the big man arrives here are my top 9 foods for increasing your metabolism and helping you to loose weight this Christmas:

1. Egg whites are rich in amino acids plus loaded with protein and vitamin D. Perfect for breakfast to kick start your day

2. Poultry like chicken or turkey are really lean and full of iron which if lacking can slow your metabolism down. Snack on turkey slices or chicken mid morning or afternoon to keep those levels stable.