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My 2 year old boy has been in and out of hospital this past week with stomach pain.  The doctors have said it was a gastric bug but as always I was not convinced so I did what I always do and trusted my gut instinct and tested a theory that I had.  Firstly I had notice his chest getting more congested and is especially worse when he wakes up so I opened the window some evenings and it seems to clear by morning.  I tested him for mould and it came up as an intolerance so I set about to clean the room and burn tea tree and grapeseed oild to dissapate the fumes.

Apologies I have been so quiet the past couple of weeks but I ended up having an operation and underestimated the recovery time. As I am never sick I thought I would be in and out on the same day.  Boy was I wrong!

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I have been on a health journey of re-discovery for many years now.  Ever since I became very sick physically and mentally about 10 years ago I started to put my life back together piece by piece.  It all started with persistent back pain, painful migraines and very low moods, which I did not connect the cause to be the foods I was eating.  

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Last week I started to think about starting my spring detox by cutting down on meat, eating less carbohydrates and drinking little to no alcohol.  Therefore I made a few vegetarian dishes, had a massage, epsom salt bath, carried out an enema and then I got sick.  Actually what really started happening was my body started a detoxification process.  What I didn’t say was that I was doing well until I met one of my friends for coffee (peer pressure) and I ordered de-caffeinated soy cappuccino as a treat (I know it is just as bad but I deserved it lol!). 

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I don’t know about you but it’s been hard trying to diet in January but don’t feel guilty as this is not all your fault.  Our bodies are not designed or prepared for such a shocking transition during the cold winter months.  The best time to cleanse is at the start of a season, especially the spring!