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The kids are back to school and that means back to pack lunches and school dinners!  If, like me, you struggle to get your kids to eat healthy then you will enjoy my top 10 tips.

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Isn’t it great to see the lovely sunny weather, to get out in the garden with the kids and socialise at BBQs with our friends and family.  However there is a downside, to some, this means constant sneezing, blocked nose, coughing and runny eyes.  Hay Fever affects the mucous membranes of the sinuses, nose, throat, eyes and palate.  Grasses and plant pollens can cause inflammatory reactions and release of histamine that weakens the immune system leaving us feeling dreadful.  In fact, according to an article in the Daily Mail today this year could be far worse than normal reporting that polle

Tonight (Friday 13th July) is a full moon and I have been detoxing for the last 5 days to prepare myself. Simply cutting out all dairy, sugar, caffeine, wheat, yeast and eggs and drinking hot water with lemon with soups and smoothies.  It has been tough I will not lie as my sweet tooth monster is screaming at me to have just one bit of chocolate and I feel very lethargic (especially today).  Tomorrow is my day off (yeah)...

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I am just back from a 2-week holiday with the in laws and although I love them dearly we nearly came to blows a few times over their food choices.  My kids love to nibble all day long and, like me, they have a sweet tooth so if you offer them fruit over chocolate or a sweets they will go for the latter every time (who wouldn’t).  Result is I have very tired, sick, irritable and badly behaved children that will not eat anything unless its is sweet (mother's nightmare!!).

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It is Easter and as well as it being a great religious celebration it means loads of chocolate! For me this is both a curse and a pleasure.  I am the world’s biggest lover of chocolate so much so that I can’t even have it in the house as I will only be tempted and that means the kids miss out too, which I don’t think is a bad thing considering they are lactose intolerant.  Unfortunately I cannot stop people buying kids chocolate eggs at Easter!