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Heal your Body Naturally without taking Antibiotics

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I got sick about 3 weeks ago and refused to go to the doctor.  Sore lower back, increased urination, feeling tired etc.  I had a gut feeling, from experience that I had a UTI and I knew if I went to the doctor I would be prescribed antibiotics.  I can’t tell my clients that they cause most of our health problems and then pop them myself with every ache or pain.  I went to the doctor anyway for confirmation as my husband practically forced me and yes I had an infection.  The doctor’s said I would not clear the infection without taking the course but I would not be moved and refused point blank!  Guess what, 3 weeks later I am clear of infection and not a course of antibiotics in sight.  Natural healing takes longer than popping a pill but is well worth it in the long run.

Now I am not saying there are not situations where you may need them as there are, of course.  I just want you to think twice and ask yourself do you really need them and maybe try the natural route first.  If I can do it with 3 kids under 5, very little sleep and running my own business then so can YOU.

Did you know that antibiotics are the ‘most prescribed drug in the world’ so someone is making money out there whilst we all get sick.  In fact over use of antibiotics actually makes our bodies resistant to them.  Please take note of this especially if you have children as I am seeing so many sick children in my clinic with no good gut bacteria to help them fight of bugs and they are developing food intolerances as a result.

Our digestive tract is coated with a bacterial layer, which protects use from undigested food, toxins and parasites.  If this coating gets damaged then you can imagine the result. Our guts are linked directly to our immune system as this beneficial bacteria fights any invaders protecting us from disease.

What Antibiotics do to the body?

·       Kill this beneficial bacteria

·       They change the form of bacteria from benign to pathogenic allowing them to invade tissues and cause disease

·       They make your body resistant to antibiotics

·       They damage the immune system making us prone to infections

Consider this if your mum has a poor gut health then so will you and so on and so forth so take extra special care of your gut if you are pregnant..  Also don’t forget about antibiotics in food such as meat, milk and eggs.  Farm animals are fed antibiotics to protect them against overcrowding and poor sanitation as well as promoting faster growth.

So What’s My Plan?

Well I am currently drinking hot water with garlic, ginger, dandelion, lemon, raw manuka honey and echinacea. I drank as much of this over the course of the 3 weeks to really flush my system. 

Here are my top 15 tips to take during illness and even better before to prevent getting sick this winter:

1. Garlic cloves

Garlic contains allicin, which is a sulphur rich amino acid that acts as a powerful antioxidant released once a clove is sliced or crushed.  Please note that it only survives for a few hours so cooking garlic kills it.

2. Ginger added to hot water or smoothies is rich in magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, selenium and essential fatty acids.

3. Dandelion Tea flushes toxins from the body as it is a natural diuretic and cleanses the liver.

4. Lemon in hot water or smoothies as they have strong antibacterial, anti-viral and immune boosting powers plus they cleanse the liver.

5. Raw Manuka Honey has high levels of methylglyoxal, which has antibacterial and cell-killing properties.  It must be raw nit the store bought honey as it will just the problem worse.  Try this one.

6. Echinacea drops in water to strengthen the immune system and fight infection.  Unlike traditional antibiotics that kill bacteria directly, Echinacea works indirectly, killing the germ by strengthening the immune system.

7. Colloidal Silver spray directly to the tongue as it battles against pathogenic bacteria.  You can order this on Amazon.

8. Pau d'arc tea, drops or capsules is a great cleansing agent that destroys parasites, kills yeast and contains infection-fighting substances known as napthoquinones, which destroy certain disease causing bacteria.

9. Bee Propolis supports the immune system, prevents colds and flus and regulates hormones.  When you take normal antibiotics from the doctor over and over the bacteria that you are trying to kill get smarter and the drugs become less effective. Bee propolis has been proven effective against strains of bacteria that resist chemical antibiotics.  Here is a good brand and it's 30% off at the minute.

10. Eat organic meat and eggs where antibiotics haven't been added.

11. Take 1 tsp of Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) in a glass of water or in a smoothie or porridge every day to destroy any parasites and detox the body from toxins that are preventing wellness.

12. Cut out highly acidic and toxic foods like sugar, yeast, dairy, refined carbs, chocolate, wine & beer as they suppress your immune system and deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals.

13. Epsom Salts in the bath really flush toxins from the body and help to heal internal organs.

14. Take probiotics especially if you are regularly getting sick and have taken a course of antibiotics in the past to replace the lost good bacteria that protects our body from toxic and undigested food.  This is a good pre and probiotic combined to kill the bad bacteria and replace the good bacteria.

15. Drink 2.5 litres of water (warm or room temp) to really flush toxins from the body and eliminate them through the bowels. 

Try some of my healing soups and juice recipes to get you back on the road to health.