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Who had an amazing Christmas and New Year but are paying for it now?  I do love Christmas, catching up with friends and family, enjoying a glass of vino or two and nibbling.  Unfortunately I don't have great will power so once I start I just can't stop...sound familar.  Good news is I can quickly get myself back on track due to my knowledge and training so I want to share this with you for a special price this January.  Even if you are getting over a bout of sickness that usually transends upon us and loved ones as we enter the colder weather this detox will clear out any unwanted toxins to bring you back to optimum health again.  Sickness is actually our bodies way of trying to detox between the seasons but for most of us our body and mind needs a helping hand.  We lead, quite stressful busy lives putting everyone else in front of ourselves when actually if we just stopped and took care of 'US or ME' then everyone around us would be much happier and healthier as a result.  So what's the solution to helping us shed those autumn leaves of stress and daily toxins from the food we eat and air we drink- A DETOX!

Now when I refer to DETOX I am not talking about drinking green stuff, enema's and deprivation.  I simply mean taking out the crap and eating whole foods.  So why 10 days? Well that is all it takes to change your taste buds.... By changing your taste buds you are changing your eating habits for good and that means the weight will stay off.  Personally I believe that life should be worth living and we should all take a leaf out of the French Woman's handbook...they love life, eating, socialising and drinking wine and still manage to stay fit, hot & healthy.  Their secret is they don't deprive their bodies of what they want but rather lead a life in moderation.  

I have been helpng people achieve optimum health and wellbeing for the last 3 years and have developed this 10 day detox plan based on all of my experience with them and my own health journey.  This plan will help get YOU back on track but it's one that is simple (10 do's, 10 dont's, 10 days) and easy to implement and I have thrown in a treat day within reason but what I always say to my clients, if you want something then have it and leave the guilt at the door as that will cause you to overeat.  I have a good friend called Kerry, who is super skinny, beautiful inside and out, strong, healthy and very happy with just having the simple things in life.  As soon as we met we hit it off immediately and I completely trusted her with my darkest demons.  We have lead very similar lives but with one difference, our relationship with food.  She loves food and eats whatever she wants, when she wants it but she doesn't overeat and she imagines herself thin, fit and healthy every day and every tells her the same so she is attracting it.  My bad relationship with food started when I developed bulimia at aged 14 yrs, I was being bullied at school and my parents were going through a messy breakup and as a young girl I was subject to things I should not have been.  I took it all out on myself and started to really hate me and my body and thus I began a downward spiral into ill health, self destruction and at times a deep depression.  I became paranoid around people and could not understand why they would like me and ended up putting this mask on to protect my self and just survive.  This went on for another 13 years and I ended up not being true to myself, working in a high stress job that I hated because it is what I thought I should be doing, hanging out with friends that were not true, socialising too much to numb out the pain and consequently eating badly.  

What happened? My body just broke down.  I was having migraines every day, joint and muscle pain, low moods, not sleeping, anxiety, weight gain and being really irritable with people for no reason.  I ended up having a food intolerance test, cried the whole way home as every food I ate came up and I didn't know what to eat but then after a few days I pulled myself together and began living.  I took the BAD OUT OF MY DIET (this is all detoxing really is) and put good wholefoods into my body.  Don't get me wrong this was 10 years ago and I was living in Dublin and no one had really heard of gluten, dairy or wheat free options so I spent time and research getting it right.  I was in a very high position in my career and was on the up and then I just woke up and said I was leaving and going travelling around Australia and SE Asia for 12 months.  My boss then thought I had lost the plot and said I was having a mid life crisis, which I probably was but it felt GOOD.  I was owning my true power and following my gut instinct.  Since then I change my career from the corporate rollercoaster ride to being the captain of my own ship and waking up happy, loving what I do and how I can help people every day with my learnings and knowledge.  In the last 10 years I have worked hard facing my demons from the past through therapy, training courses in NLP, meditation, yoga and above all the support of my good friends like Kerry and family.  Now I am ready to help others heal too and this starts with our diet and what we are putting into our bodies, the mind takes a little longer but that's part 2.

So again, I ask WHY DETOX NOW? Our bodies tend to build up toxins in the summer heat that can lead to coughs, migraines and stuffy noses.  Winter is a amazing time to slow down and move inward to purge those toxins and become the NEW YOU!, .  Winter is all about acknowledgin that we are busy and need to slow down for restoration and there are certain foods that regulate the adrenals (our stress hormones) and calm the nervous system.  This 10 DAY DETOX is a gentle cleanse that will REST, RESET and REVITALISE the body to help us shed those excess pounds in time for the party season and prepare our internal organs for winter

But how does DETOXIFICATION work?

We get exposed to toxins through the foods we eat, air that we breath, chemicals in products through our skin and other toxins we consume such as taking regular medication and alcohol.  This over-exposure of toxins overloads the liver and slows down the body meaning our bodies need a little help to get rid of the toxins.  The liver is the most important organ in the body and our fat burner so if it gets overworked we cannot digest foods correctly and are not getting enough nutrients to nourish the body.

So if we want to look HOTTER, HEALTHIER and BE HAPPIER to kick start the new year then sign up for my 10 Day Detox.  I have a vegetarian version available also and give you all the tools in a simple and easy to understand 10 step process.  

As I believe in giving to receive so I am selling this at an introductory offer of 60% OFF until Sunday 3rd January 2016.  Priced at £19.99, it's a bargain for what you get, originally £49.99.

What do you receive?

1. Introduction: Why do we need to detox and why we have cravings

2. 10 step Summary ( simple rules) - 10 dos and 10 donts

3. 10 day Recipe Guide (includes a treat day that you can use on any day or leave out)

4. Kitchen Essentials Guide (kitchen staples that everyone should have stocked)

5. Shopping List (fresh food/ fridge/ pantry and spices)

6. Toxicity Test (complete this symptom chart before and after to measure the benefits of the plan because weight is not the best indicator in releasing toxins)

7. Measurements (this is optional but I would encourage you to complete it and take a picture of yourself before and after) NB: I will talk more about this in the facebook group

8. Stronger Detox Methods: Again this is optional but very beneficial

9. 10 benefits you can expect

...and what will you get in return?






Here are what some previous 10 Day Detoxers said:

"For anyone that isn't sure about this detox or think it might be too hard, believe me it's not. I have done 2 detoxes with Leigh now and they are both enjoyable (really??? Yes!) and the results are great. I thought my diet was OK but Leigh changed my thoughts towards food gently and the ideas have stuck. I have seen a permanent transformation in my body shape and my relationship with food. Yes I have fallen off the bandwagon and had a very indulgent Christmas but I know in a couple of days I will feel brighter, more awake, will lose weight and will sleep better. In 10 days the changes will just be routine and normal. I hate diets, I hate having to deprive myself but with Leigh I am eating so much more! Don't be put off by the preparation, it's all part of insuring that for a few days you make important changes and it's worth it." Caroline Britton Hall, company director & mum of 3

"Having visited Leigh for one-to-one consultations previously, I signed up to the 10 Day Detox before Christmas to reset my system before the onslaught of rich food and drink! Once I had stocked up on all I needed, with a little determination and will power, the plan wasn't difficult to follow. I found the Facebook group an invaluable source of support and encouragement, and a great way of sharing ideas. I lost several pounds in weight while I followed the plan and felt much healthier, and better about myself in general. I am happy to recommend this plan to anyone who wants to kickstart the new year on a healthy note!" Lorraine Carson, Vegetarian mum of 2

How do I receive the plan?

Payment can be accepted via paypal as per the services section on my webiste via the link and then I will email you the plan.

HAPPY NEW YEAR...Let's start the year as we mean to go on!! xx