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Who had an amazing Christmas and New Year but are paying for it now?  I do love Christmas, catching up with friends and family, enjoying a glass of vino or two and nibbling.  Unfortunately I don't have great will power so once I start I just can't stop...sound familar.  Good news is I can quickly get myself back on track due to my knowledge and training so I want to share this with you for a special price this January.

The one thing I miss from my old diet is fizzy pop every now and again so when I was introduced to the fizzy soda style live drink called Kombucha a few months ago I just fell in love with the taste first and then WOW I experienced the benefits.  If you are looking for a refreshing drink that is a natural probiotic then you gotta jump on the fermented tea train asap (don't worry of you don't like tea as it doesn't taste the same).  Within days I felt more energy, less sluggish digestion, reduced joint pain and my headaches virtually disappeared.

Sugar seems to be the word on everyone's lips at the minute and for good reason.  The problem is sugar comes in many different forms so I find that people come into my clinic with a yeast or sugar intolerance and they say but I don't eat sugar.  I then ask do you eat bread, pasta, potato, processed dinners or fruit and the answer changes.  I am a self confessed sugar addict and although I am aware and can control it I still have good and bad days.  The most common misconception is that fats makes you fat which is wrong it is in fact sugar!

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I got sick about 3 weeks ago and refused to go to the doctor.  Sore lower back, increased urination, feeling tired etc.  I had a gut feeling, from experience that I had a UTI and I knew if I went to the doctor I would be prescribed antibiotics.  I can’t tell my clients that they cause most of our health problems and then pop them myself with every ache or pain.  I went to the doctor anyway for confirmation as my husband practically forced me and yes I had an infection.  The doctor’s said I would not clear the infection without taking the course but I would not be moved and refused point bla

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It brings me great joy to hear that I have helped someone who was struggling to have a baby get pregnant. Last week my first fertility client who attended my clinic back in October 2013 gave birth a bouncing baby girl!  This was not by accident as I am firmly believe bringing her back to optimum health through taking probiotics for her yeast intolerance and revising her diet had a major part to play.